PE is 5% exorcise and 95% embarrassment 

what kind of gym class do you have that exorcises their kids

do they perform exorcisms 

I know what you mean, I always pick the possessed basketball and get super embarrassed

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What I learned in Psychology:

Apparently we dream the accurate answer to the “secret of the universe” but unfortunately forget it by the time we wake up…


After a test on the excretory system:
bio teacher: now that you guys have finished your tests, what do you guys wanna do?
my friend: can we watch the lion king?
bio teacher: i actually have that on my computer.
*about to start the lion king*
bio teacher: okay, so if any administrators walk in your homework assignment is about the food chain, alright?

best. class. ever.

According to my math teacher, we can learn our school stuff from youtube and my vice-principal agreed. Why the fuck are we still going to school when we have the internet?

I have a test tomorrow morning and its almost 1…i should preobably go to bed…but instead im gonna go play pokemon emerald because its only 1.

Today in school i was on the pokemon website looking at the pokedex and someone asked me “are you on some type of digimon thing?” and he was serious because he didnt know it was pokemon…

Holy Sh!t i hate humanity.

I really dont like these two annoying guys in my computer animation class because they annoy me and my friend and dont do any work but go on facebook instead. Today(December 13) at lunch I decided to disable it. During class it went from 100% to a 200%  realization that i should have done it sooner when they said “all girls are whores”. I then raged at them for being retarded assholes. There only argument was “they are all whores, believe me.” During the one-sided argument telling them they should fuck off for being so stupid i brought up many good friends that are girls. 
I do not think people like this should just be allowed to sit there and say shit like this.

On thursday(december 15) im gonna delete anything off there computers that can bring them joy of games or proxys.

My day at school.

At around 10am i had physics. He gives us work to do so i attempt it and actually think im doing it right just to find out i messed up. Being confused i asked him what i did wrong and said i got 2/3 of the info mixed up and just to change it so i did. When he went over it with the class it ended up actually being right in the first place and the 1/3 of it was wrong and made it more confusing for me. My head started to hurt.

When i went to my next class(chemistry) i went to my desk and put my head on the desk cause it hurt but still looked up at the teacher then right before the lesson, the teacher brought up my hair. Since my roots are started to show she asked me if that was my natural color and liked it because it has a little of a copper color when its with the black. She then proceeded to call my hair beautiful. There rest of my day was filled with fun.

 moral is: The simplest compliment can change your outlook on the day. it was good.

My vice principal is so lame and stupid.

He basically thinks that phones are bad during school. if he sees someone using their phone and a fight at the same time, he would take away the phone first.

so, today he went class to class. When he came into my class he told all of us to pull out our phones. I thought he was gonna take all the ones that were one so i quickly turned it off. He then proceeded to tell everyone to press the red button so you all would have your phones off. i was told to turn it on since it was already off. i enjoyed the rest of my day.

School in about 6 hours…should probably sleep…

anyone else getting like 5-6 hours of sleep?

In english, i had to make a 3D model of a metaphor for life. my friend did a train and the whole time when she was presenting i thought…

i get to present mine tomorrow, mines a metaphor about how a concert is like life. :D

im gonna go to bed now. since i have that lame thing called school in 8 hours…

im gonna go to bed now. since i have that lame thing called school in 8 hours…